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    Shoulder Surgery

The decision for surgery should include a frank discussion with your doctor about the underlying problem or condition and other options that might be available. Simple measures such as activity modification, limitation of lifting, avoidance of painful positions of the arm, medication, time, cortisone injections, physical therapy, and the use of ice or heat, can often lead to resolution of pain. When surgery is indicated, make sure your doctor reviews the answers to common questions such as how long will the surgery will last, what are the risks of surgery, the length of recovery, the time out of work and/or away from sports, how the procedure is performed (arthroscopic or open), and the use of a sling or brace. Consideration should be given to treatment by a specialist in the field of shoulder surgery, and your physician should perform shoulder surgery on a routine basis (weekly) to be proficient with the newest techniques.

Dr. Kaminsky and his team perform hundreds of complex shoulder surgeries each year. The surgery is typically completed in less than one hour and often in just thirty minutes! This helps to decrease pain and speed recovery.

Pain relief after surgery can be helped with pain medication, ice to reduce swelling, sleeping in a recliner chair or propped up in bed, in addition to a pain pump placed into the shoulder. Simple exercises and light activities are often started within days after surgery.

A significant number of Dr. Kaminsky’s patients are referred to him after failed shoulder surgery performed elsewhere, and the decision for shoulder surgery should not be undertaken lightly.